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West Georgia's Fine-Art Boudoir Studio. 

Our studio is located on a historical main street in Bowdon, GA. It is about an hour outside of Atlanta and is fully equipped with everything you could possibly need for your luxury empowerment experience

"Bold. Classy. Sexy."

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We take pride in the fact that our team specializes in documenting ALL body types.  We women come in all sorts of beautiful shapes & sizes. You will leave the studio feeling a level of self-love like no other.

What is a Boudoir session?

It is an empowering experience that all women should participate in at least once in their lifetime. It is freeing. It is a gift to yourself like no other. Boudoir sessions are completely customizable and can be as classy/modest or as risqué as the client prefers. Forget about society's absurd expectations. Boudoir isn't about size or weight. It is about embracing your curves, loving the body you were given. The confidence high you get from boudoir is indescribable. We are all awkward. We are all self-conscious. We all are full of insecurities. We all have weight we would like to lose. We all have excuses we can make, There is no better time than now to invest in yourself.  It is okay to be nervous, but take the chance anyways!


The studio is full of normal, gorgeous women. Just like you!



"Yall, let me start with how freaking nervous I was to do a photoshoot like this. Hell, I rarely like having my picture taken when fully clothed! When it came time to start, I seriously thought I was going to puke. I'd never met Haleigh, but there I was, stripping down in front of her. It took me a little while to work thru the nerves, but she never gave up on me and by the end of the session, she had me in all sorts of positions!!! She knows what she's doing and she knows what works. She had no issue saying if she didn't like something and changing things up if needed. My confidence level went through the roof and now whenever I start feeling down about myself, I look at these photos and remind myself DAMN, I DID THAT! THATS ME!!! Haleigh gave me that confidence boost that I'd been lacking for way too long!!"


"I was very nervous and unsure about doing the shoot. I mean..I am 46 years old, after all. Let's face it ladies, we are our own worst critics, comparing our worst to everyone else's best. But!! I also know I work very hard to remind myself that every "flaw" I see on my 46 year old body, has a story. My hips are a gift from carrying my 2 amazing boys, the "man" arms & shoulders are from years of hard work in my career..you get it? The list could go on. So, my goal was to remind myself and women my age (or any woman who has scars on her body) that our bodies were made for amazing things and no matter what age you are, you should rock the gift of being a woman! Thank you to Haleigh for capturing that for me, to remind myself on the days I'm feeling down! Girls.. Stop questioning if you can pull off a shoot or not, you can. And Haleigh is the BEST at building up your confidence and capturing the beauty in all of us! Do it for YOURSELF. P.s. I could literally post every picture she took, because I love them all."


"As a mom of 2 boys, my body has changed tremendously. Things never go back to the way they were before kids. I had to have 2 c sections and I have always been self conscious about my mid section since then. I was so nervous to do these photos but I thought why not?! Our anniversary was coming up so I thought this would be the perfect gift! Let me tell y’all, if you’re thinking about doing a shoot… DO IT!!! Haleigh was an absolute blessing. She does an amazing job coaching you through poses and always finds the best angles. I could not be happier with the photos. It was such a confidence booster for myself and my husband loved them as well!!"


I did this shoot and went in extremely nervous & not knowing what to expect. Haleigh was the absolute BEST! She made me feel very comfortable and brought out my best. I chose to do this shoot as a gift for my husband, but also for myself. I’m almost a year out from my weight loss surgery and down almost 200 pounds. Loving my body has never been something that came easy to me and losing weight doesn’t help self image like people think. You have to love yourself no matter what the scale says. Seeing these photos today, I got so excited and happy. I fell in love with how healthy I look. These photos made me realize just how happy I am with my body. This shoot was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made!

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